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Green Apple (Absolute) (Malus domestica)

Diffusing - One of the best ways to infuse the healing aromas into the atmosphere is through diffusion.

Massage - Create a massage oil scent simply add a few drops oil to 1 ounce carrier oil such as Grapeseed oil or Sweet Almond oil base. Keep away from eyes and genital areas.

Making candles - Apple fragrance oil is an ingredient in the manufacture of scented candles. Once the candle burns, it fills the room with a welcoming, long lasting fragrance, making it more relaxing.

Making soap - The art of homemade soap is gaining popularity. For the those of you that love fragrances, you can use this oil as an excellent ingredient to produce a strong relaxing aroma.

Prepare a relaxing bath - Adding a few drops of apple oil in a hot water bath helps relax both the mind and soul.

Perfume ingredient - The oil makes a perfect perfume ingredient due to its longevity and fragrance. You can even combine it with other fragrances to produce either a sweet or fresh aroma that lasts all day long.

Topical lotions and creams - Due to its deep penetrating properties, apple essential oil makes an excellent ingredient for moisturizing lotions and creams.

Hair tonic - The oil is less fatty than other oils, so you can use this as an ingredient in hair tonic to reduce the base oil greasiness.

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    Suitable for: Bath Bombs, Bath and Body products, Lipsticks, Lip Balms, Facial and Body Scrubs, Creams, shower gels, shampoo, conditioners

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