Valerian Essential Oil



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Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

100% Pure & Undiluted

3 ml without Box

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10 ml with Box

Some of the most important health benefits of valerian essential oil include its ability to improve sleep quality, calm gastrointestinal troubles, reduce heart palpitations, protect the skin, reduce nervous disorders, lower blood pressure, stimulate cognitive ability, eliminate anxiety, and lessen menstrual cramps, among others.

Health Benefits of Valerian Essential Oil

Treats Sleep Disorders

Lowers Anxiety & Depression

Prevents Heart Palpitations

Skin Care

Regulates Blood Pressure

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Reduces Menstrual Cramps

A Final Word of Warning

Generally, there are no negative side effects of consuming valerian essential oil. However, since there are a number of powerful, volatile components in valerian essential oil, you don’t need much to experience the effects. Excessive consumption of valerian essential oil can result in dizziness, cramps, stomachaches, mild depression, and occasionally as a skin rash or hives. These are very limited occurrences, and as long as you follow your medical professional’s guidance, your use of valerian essential oil can do very little harm – but plenty of good!