Aromasticks | Aromatheraphy Essential Oil Inhaler


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Aromasticks | Aromatheraphy Essential Oil Inhaler

A. For Body Support
1. Seasonal Support Inhaler Recipe
For seasonal and environmental threats

2.Immune Booster Inhaler Recipe
Supports healthy immune function

3. Tummy Tamer Inhaler Recipe
For occasional stomach upset

4. Motion Ease Inhaler Recipe
Helps ease occasional stomach upset due to motion sickness

5. Deep Breath Inhaler Recipe
Supports clear breathing

6. Tension Tamer Inhaler Recipe
Relieves head and neck tension

B. Energy, Motivation, Uplifting
1. Happy Place Inhaler Recipe
Lessens anxious feelings & promotes positive mood

2. Good Times Inhaler Recipe
Promotes positive mood

3. Gratitude Inhaler Recipe
Promotes appreciation for all the good in our lives

4. Fatigue Fighter Inhaler Recipe
Uplifting to the mind and body

5. Wake Me Up Inhaler Recipe
Energizing, refreshing, and uplifting

6. Motivation Inhaler Recipe
Promotes confidence, energy, creativity, and motivation

C. Calm and Focus
1. Be Calm Inhaler Recipe
Use when feeling frazzled

2. Chill Out Inhaler Recipe
Calms and reduces irritability

3. Sea Breeze Inhaler Recipe
Creates a sense of calm and well being

4. Get Focused Inhaler Recipe
Helps with focus and staying on task

5. Tuned In Inhaler Recipe
Helps to tune out distractions and focus on the task at hand

6. Grounding Inhaler Recipe
Promotes whole body relaxation

D. Comfort, Confidence, Cravings
1. Confidence Inhaler Recipe
Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and self belief

2. Healing Heart Inhaler Recipe
Helps with emotional healing after loss

3. Comfort Inhaler Recipe
Promotes feelings of comfort and hope

4. Creativity Inhaler Recipe
Inspires and helps tap into your creative powers

5. Curb Your Cravings Inhaler Recipe
Helps increase satiety and curb food cravings

6. Beat the Binge Inhaler Recipe
Helps reduce sugar cravings

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